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The Albert Schweitzer Fellowship – About Us

Our Mission

ASF is preparing the next generation of professionals who will serve and empower vulnerable people to live healthier lives and create healthier communities.

Our Vision

The ASF vision is to create a global corps of leaders who promote positive change with and in our communities, our health and human service systems, and our world.

Program History

Since its founding in 1940, The Albert Schweitzer Fellowship (ASF) has grown far beyond its original focus on supporting the Schweitzer Hospital in Lambaréné, Gabon, West Africa. Today, ASF immerses a diverse group of graduate students in a mentored experiential learning and leadership development program designed to increase their skills and commitment to more effectively address the health needs of underserved people.

While continuing their graduate studies, Schweitzer Fellows are required to design, implement, evaluate and plan for the sustainability of community-based prevention and intervention projects that address the social determinants of health. Schweitzer projects typically encompass a wide range of subjects including the physical environment where people live, early childhood literacy, exercise and nutrition, access to health care, and equity for minority populations. Because Fellows are recruited from a wide variety of academic programs, they benefit from extensive interdisciplinary interaction, both with peers and mentors. 

Following their initial year of service, Fellows become “Fellows for Life” and then join a group of professionals united by a common experience during graduate training and a common commitment to continue serving vulnerable populations through their work and service, thereby perpetuating the legacy and philosophy of famed physician-humanitarian Dr. Albert Schweitzer.

Our Impact

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